Aug 19, 2020

You may have recalled a viral internet challenge last year where users try to consume very spicy instant noodles specifically flavored with ghost pepper aka one of the hottest peppers on earth. For scale, it’s only a few hundred thousand Scoville Heat units (SHU) behind the hottest pepper known, Caroline reaper, which is at 1.5 million points. Our very own siling labuyo registers a meager 50,000 to 100,000 SHU.

If you’re not a fan of instant noodles, but nonetheless want to take on the challenge (belatedly), we found another ghost pepper-flavored snack you can try: Mister Potato chips.

Available at 7-Eleven convenience stores, a small 45g canister contains black-colored chips (supposedly to go with the “ghost” pepper branding). The potato chips maker collaborated with the manufacturer of the original viral instant noodles, Daebak to come up with this limited edition snack, which was released earlier this year.

The lid of the canister even awards you with a “certificate” for having downed the whole thing—just be honest because no one will be there to validate this. You can write down the time it took you to finish it and even determine your level of tolerance based on your record.

Jewelry designer Paul Syjuco got to try it out and here’s what he has to say about this experience: “It actually tastes good! It’s pleasantly spicy for me but only because I have a high tolerance. It’s a slow burn. Oh, and it’s not just potato chips per se. It takes like ramen because of the seasoning.”

Would you try out this “crazy spicy crisps” (yes, that’s how it’s marketed)?


Header photo courtesy of Paul Syjuco

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