Aug 19, 2020

If you liked that viral mask that looks like the iconic Good Morning towel from a popular novelty store, here’s another cute mask design you might like: Randolph’s candy wrapper-inspired reusable cloth masks.

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Designer RJ Santos of Randolf, known for its colorful and bold silhouettes, has come up with a collection of masks that is reminiscent of our favorite childhood treats: White Rabbit and Tootsie Roll.

RJ Santos wearing the White Randolf mask

Released last night, Aug. 18 on their website, these masks come in 3- or 2-packs and are made with a water-repellent shell and absorbent lining. It also has room for an additional filter with a pocket. Best of all, since most of us are wearing them for prolonged periods during the day, each pack comes with ear savers, rectangular slings you wear behind your head to hold the mask in place so your ears won’t hurt.

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Randolf Roll mask set with ear saver

The mask sets are priced at P1,850 for the 3-piece multi-colored Tootsie Roll-inspired set and P1,500 for the 2-piece White Rabbit-inspired set. 

Santos also released a special set of masks made of the same material but with graphic elements. Proceeds from this set will be donated to artist Carriel “Tyang Karyel” Santos’s family to pay off the medical bills incurred during her father’s COVID-19 treatment.

You can purchase these masks on



Photos courtesy of RJ Santos/Randolf

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