Sep 23, 2020

Chocolate—you know it both as a sweet treat in itself and as a classic favorite flavor of many, too. Aside from being undeniably delicious, it is also known to be good for the heart and brain and is scientifically proven to give us joy. As chocolate enthusiasts, you’d surely find us excitedly trying all the recipes involving this sure serotonin booster that we can find—and one of our top picks would be the timeless chocolate cake.

Most cake recipes would require you to use flour—but what if you don’t have that ingredient in your pantry? Don’t worry, we’ve got the fix for that, or at least, model and designer Marita Ganse does. 

Made with only four (five or more, if you’re feeling a bit extra) ingredients that you can easily find in your pantry, the flourless chocolate cake that Marita whips up is enjoyably dense and rich.

Coming out with a firm top and a gooey center, Marita’s flourless cake uses the nifty alternative baking method called water bathing. Done simply by placing a pan of hot water in the oven, the water bath method is often utilized in making perfectly baked cheesecakes with no cracks and custards that don’t feel rubbery.

This scrumptious flourless chocolate cake can serve as a base for your next delightful kitchen creation. Ganse recommends adding a light dusting of powdered sugar to the cake or topping it with a dollop of cream and fresh fruits. You can also decorate it as you want with sprinkles, fondant or ganache—whichever gives you joy.


Flourless chocolate cake


Dark chocolate
Heavy cream
Powdered sugar (optional)


  1. Break the chocolate into chunks
  2. Slowly heat up heavy cream in a pan and stir constantly
  3. Pour the heavy cream over the chocolate and add sugar to make the chocolate batter. Stir until smooth
  4. Separate the egg whites and yolks. Carefully add the yolks to your chocolate batter and mix
  5. Whisk the egg whites into soft peaks in a separate bowl then gently fold your chocolate batter into it
  6. Place the pan on a baking foil. Line the pan with parchment paper before pouring the chocolate batter into it
  7. Wrap the pan with foil and place it in a roasting pan 
  8. Add hot water in the roasting pan. Bake it at 150 degrees Celsius for 60 mins
  9. Let the cake cool down and refrigerate overnight
  10. To serve, dust with powdered sugar, top with a dollop of cream and fresh fruits or enjoy it as is


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