Oct 2, 2020

Look at how far we’ve come! In just 200 days, we’ve come full circle, from coveting ceramic plates online to actually making them ourselves with a little help from potters. Just the same, both hobbies resulted in a veritable collection of pots, mugs, plates and other ceramic goods.

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And if you are looking to expand your collection while honing your new-found skill for pottery, there are two new hand-building pottery workshops happening this month that you can join.

The first one is by ceramist Catherine Choachuy of Pottery Sessions who will be doing two three-hour sessions: one specifically for hand-making bowls and spoons (P3750) on Oct. 17 and another for cups and mugs (P3350) on Oct. 18.

Everything you need to make your own ceramic objects are included in the packages, as well as post-production stuff like glazing and firing. 

Sign up by filling out this Google Form here.

Four more two-hour Zoom pottery sessions happening on Oct. 17 and 31, will be hosted by potter Reine So, which will focus on freestyle hand building, where participants can make pretty much any object they desire that clay will allow. 

At P2,800, clay, tools, glazing and firing are likewise included. All that’s left to do is build your dream silhouettes and hope they turn out fine.

You can sign up for So’s upcoming workshops by filling out this form.



Header photos courtesy of Pottery Sessions and Reine So

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