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The ‘McPlant’ is McDonald’s new plant-based burger

The ‘McPlant’ is McDonald’s new plant-based burger

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In an exclusive interview with USA Today, the fast-food giant McDonald’s has confirmed that they have developed a plant-based, meat-free burger. The “McPlant” (yes, that’s what it’s called), is the corporation’s first widely-announced foray into the alternative meat market. 

If you’re wondering what it tastes like, the brand assures customers that it tastes exactly like a typical McDonald’s burger. 

“There are other plant-based burgers out there, but the McPlant delivers our iconic taste in a sink-your-teeth-in (and wipe-your-mouth) kind of sandwich. It’s made with a juicy, plant-based patty and served on a warm, sesame seed bun with all the classic toppings,” McDonald’s said in a blog post.

The burger is just the McPlant’s first stop though.  

In a virtual investors meeting, McDonald’s international president Ian Borden said that the McPlant can potentially be adapted to replicate other favorite McDonald’s menu items. “In the future, McPlant could extend across a line of plant-based products including burgers, chicken substitutes and breakfast sandwiches,” he said.

If you’re excited to try out this burger—or just morbidly curious to know what it tastes like)—McDonald’s will be rolling out the McPlant (sigh) in selected regions all over the world by next year. 

Honestly, we can’t wait. 



Header photo courtesy of McDonald’s Philippines Facebook

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