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Teachers, McDonald’s just added new branches where you can work remotely—with free wifi and coffee

Teachers, McDonald’s just added new branches where you can work remotely—with free wifi and coffee


The irony of celebrating World Teachers’ Day this week—in the middle of the pandemic—is that the struggles of educators in the Philippines have never been more amplified. Teachers are still underpaid and overworked even in virtual settings. Even worse, the new remote learning setup would require new equipment and a set of skills for them to adjust and efficiently do their job.

In observance of this annual holiday, we’ve outlined a few things we can do as students, parents and members of society in order to lift part of teachers’ burden. But gratitude and empathy can only go so far. They will still need internet connection and lots of patience and understanding for students who don’t.

Both government and private entities need to step up to ease the load off our educators’ backs. While government education agencies had set up support mechanisms through financing equipment and skills training, other private companies like fast food chain McDonald’s are doing their own part.

Just last week, Oct. 2, McDo converted some of its branches’ party rooms into lounges called McClassrooms, where teachers can use wifi for free while sipping free coffee as they work on their teaching modules.

Teachers can avail of this free facility simply by booking an appointment in-store. As of writing, slots are open for Oct. 5-9, for 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. shifts.

To make the initiative more accessible for more teachers, especially in underserved communities in rural areas, the fast food company just expanded its McClassrooms to include branches in Quezon Province, Catanduanes, Cagayan de Oro, Surigao, Misamis Oriental, Agusan Del Norte and Agusan Del Sur and Lanao del Norte among other locations.

According to McDonald’s Facebook page, in order to secure a slot, teachers will only have to present a valid teacher’s ID or Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID for verification.

If unable to book a prior appointment, walk-ins will be allowed provided that there are still available slots but McDonald’s prefers for teachers to have prior reservations.

Apart from observing health and safety measures pursuant to government rules, physical distancing will also be observed at all times at all McClassrooms.



Header photo courtesy of McDonald’s Philippines

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