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Dark chocolate Violet Crumble is (finally) available here

Dark chocolate Violet Crumble is (finally) available here


Here’s some good news: Violet Crumble, Australia’s original honeycomb bar, is back in the country—with different variations of the candy, too.

It’s the way IT SHATTERS that matters, #CandyCornerKid! 🍫😬💥 Violet Crumble’s delicious honeycomb explosion with a toffee…

Posted by Candy Corner on Friday, November 6, 2020

In a Facebook post, Candy Corner announced that the honeycomb bar is back in its stores again, this time with dark chocolate Violet Crumble bars added to the mix.

Candy lovers can now get four bars of the original or the dark chocolate honeycomb bars for P399. They can also get two of each flavor for the same price.

Aside from additional flavors, Candy Corner also has bite-sized versions of the honeycomb bar available through its online store. The gluten-free chocolate cubes and Violet Crumble nuggets are both priced at P299.75.


Header photo courtesy of Candy Corner

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