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Bring Tsukiji Market home with this DIY chirashi kit

Bring Tsukiji Market home with this DIY chirashi kit

  • Choomp Choomp’s DIY chirashi kit includes premium Japanese seafood flown in from Japan, but you better hurry because only limited kits are available
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Japanese food lovers, rise! If you’ve been craving Japanese seafood, this DIY chirashi kit is exactly what you’re looking for. Choomp Choomp, an online business that specializes in frozen premium items, is coming out with a DIY chirashi kit with ingredients flown in straight from Japan. 

Each kit has uncooked Japanese rice with kombu, Hokkaido hottate, ginyake salmon, botan ebi, aka ebi, shime saba, unagi kabayaki, snow crab legs, shoyu ikura, chuka wakame, chopped wasabi and a Japanese seafood sauce pack. 

One kit costs P1,820 and is good for two to three persons. If you’re thinking of having this for dinner on Friday, you better reserve a slot now. There are only a limited number of kits available, so it’s a good idea to send Choomp Choomp a message on Instagram if you’re interested. 

Aside from the DIY chirashi kit, the online shop also offers other premium items like extra large Japanese oysters, Hokkaido scallops and airflown Hokkaido king crab.

For sushi, snow crab avocado and lobster ikura sushi trays are available. 

For orders, reservations and other inquiries, you can send a direct message through Choomp Choomp’s Instagram. © 2020. Hinge Inquirer Publications, Inc.