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12/10’s five-course daytime dessert omakase is *the* dessert experience

The best way to describe the restaurant’s daytime dessert menu is the highest compliment an Asian parent can pay a sweet treat: “Not too sweet.”

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Dearest vegans, we’re pleased to announce that a vegan version of ramen is here—and it’s promising big things

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Lawrence Cua of seafood sandwich shop Bun Appetit shares his favorite Japanese condiment to pair with barbecue

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4 free films to watch if you love Japanese food

The Japanese Film Festival has more than a dozen films in its lineup. If you need help choosing, here are four films you’ll enjoy if you’re a foodie

Kiwami Japanese food hall offers old favorites and new discoveries

From familiar favorites like Yabu and Ippudo to newer yet storied restaurants like Yakitori Hachibei and Hannosuke, there’s nothing you won’t like at Kiwami

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Bring Tsukiji Market home with this DIY chirashi kit

Choomp Choomp’s DIY chirashi kit includes premium Japanese seafood flown in from Japan, but you better hurry because only limited kits are available

New ramen concept from the makers of Wrong Ramen and other new restaurants to try this week

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This Japanese restaurant and grocery combines two favorites in one bowl: ramen and karaage

The restaurant hopes to bring a little piece of home to the Japanese community in the area through their selection of dishes