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Not in a rom-com mood? These movies celebrate other kinds of love

Not in a rom-com mood? These movies celebrate other kinds of love

  • Romance isn’t the be-all end-all of love—and these movies are proof of that
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It’s almost Feb. 14, which means almost everyone’s thinking of all things romantic. While Valentine’s Day is for couples to celebrate their romantic affection for each other, let’s not forget that other kinds of love exist. If you’re not really in the rom-com mood this V-Day, here are a few movies about love of a different kind. 

Love for family: The Joy Luck Club (1993)

Most family relationships are complicated to say the least, but “The Joy Luck Club” perfectly illustrates the nuances, difficulties and triumphs of family. If you’re not familiar with the cult classic, “The Joy Luck Club” tells the story of first-generation Chinese immigrants and their mothers who were born in China and made their way to America in search of greener pastures. 

It tackles themes like filial piety, parental expectations, otherism and—of course—love.

You can watch it on Amazon Prime

Love for friends: The First Wives Club (1996)

“The First Wives Club” is a classic movie about friendship and how your real friends are there for you even when your husband isn’t. While it is a very wealthy, white lady movie filled with divorces, younger mistresses and cheating husbands, the core of the movie still rests in the friendship that the three leads have rekindled and strengthened after years apart. Here’s an extra tip, watch the movie while having a glass of wine to really enjoy it. 

You can watch it on Netflix.

Love for the environment: Wall-E (2008)

People might dismiss “Wall-E” as a kids’ movie, but the message of the story goes deeper than a cute robot floating around in outer space. While the movie is set in space and barely has any dialogue, it says a lot about the impact human beings have on the environment and how our future might look like if we don’t collectively act towards cleaning it up. Also, Wall-E and Eve are just too cute.

You can watch it on iTunes.

Love for the self: Waitress (2007)

“Waitress” (not to be confused with the Broadway adaptation) is a 2007 movie that tells the story of Jenna (Kerri Russel), an expert pie-baking waitress stuck in a small town with an abusive husband and an unwanted baby on the way. Jenna makes a handful of bad decisions (including an extramarital affair with her married doctor) but emerges triumphant in the end when she realizes her worth and takes control of her life. It’s a little funny, a little sad, soulful and all-in-all, a heartwarming watch.

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