Valentines Day

Valentine's Day Origins St. Valentine's Skull Wikicommons header nolisoliph
Flowers, chocolates and a beheading? The bloody story behind Valentine’s Day

The origin story of the day of hearts isn’t as romantic as we might think

Non Romantic Valentines Day Movies about Other Kinds of Love Waitress header nolisoliph
Not in a rom-com mood? These movies celebrate other kinds of love

Romance isn’t the be-all end-all of love—and these movies are proof of that

8 Valentine’s Day chocolate gifts that go beyond your basic sweet treats

If you must break a heart on Valentine’s Day, make sure it’s a heart-shaped piñata cake

valentines day dinner date
Valentine dinner dates at home can still be romantic with these dishes for delivery

Enjoy a romantic dinner at home for V-Day by getting these treats delivered to your doorstep

Choco butternut hearts dunkin donuts header nolisoliph
Heart-shaped choco butternut donuts are this year’s no-fail Valentine’s gift

If subtly declaring your love isn’t an option, Dunkin’ Donuts’ limited edition choco butternut mini-hearts are what you’re looking for

auro chocolate bonbon
Auro’s signature chocolates are available as limited edition bonbons for Valentine’s

The award-winning chocolatier is teaming up with Gruppo Dolci for this personalized limited edition treat

intramuros kalesa
The best places in Metro Manila to confess your feelings in

So maybe you’ve made the brave and difficult choice to confess your feelings to the…

The 7 most romantic restaurants to celebrate Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of the year again when hopeless romantics are extra giddy over random…

I swear my next relationship will be organic
I swear my next relationship will be organic

For the past two years, I’ve spent Valentine’s Day with two different people. Yes, both…

Vintage Valentine: 10 Instagram stores for vintage jewelry and watches

Not to be a killjoy, and most of you already probably know this: Valentine’s have…