Nuezca finally fired from PNP after shooting two unarmed neighbors

The cop in the viral video shown shooting a mother and son in Tarlac has been dismissed from service—as he should be

How do we prevent victim-blaming? By raising our kids better

Why do we teach girls to behave themselves, but not teach boys to respect their boundaries?

Donald Trump History in HD Trump banned on social media header nolisoliph
Social media platforms (finally) muzzle Trump. Here’s why

After a fiery speech that, observers say, incited Trump supporters to seize the Capitol building in Washington DC, social media platforms are temporarily banning the outgoing US President

UP Diliman no UPCAT covid19 header nolisoliph
UP to start accepting freshmen for AY 2021-2022

After a highly debated admissions process, the state university will finally be accepting freshman applications starting today, Jan. 7

Save that crispy pata oil! This is where you can send it instead of down the drain

Where does used cooking oil go, Mareng Whitney? This on-demand service picks it up from your house, saving your drain pipe from clogging and the groundwater from contamination

Before PSG, 100k Chinese POGO workers got same COVID-19 vaccine as early as Nov 2019

Is this good or bad news? If you ask Chinese-Filipino civic leader Teresita Ang See, it’s OK, “because we do not have much control (over) them”

The country’s travel restrictions might apply to OFWs in the future

Fear of the new more infectious COVID-19 strain and a shortage of quarantine facilities may soon restrict OFWs from entering the country

COVID-19 vaccine LGU update header nolisoliph
These LGUs are rolling out their COVID-19 vaccine plans

With the COVID-19 vaccine in sight, some LGUs are starting to begin procurement and pre-registration procedures for their cities

New year, new hope for ABS-CBN with a Senate bill now filed for its franchise renewal

It’s been almost a year since ABS-CBN went off-air and surrendered all of its television…

e-waste globe
Don’t throw your old phone and appliances in the trash. Bring them here instead

Globe has set up over 100 e-waste collection points nationwide