Calauit Island, former home to Tagbanua people turned Marcoses’ safari, reopens to tourists

Located in Palawan, the 3,700-hectare island/wildlife park is home to giraffes, zebras, waterbucks and elands that the Marcos family original shipped from Kenya

Who is Rosa Sevilla de Alvero? An important figure in the Filipina Suffragist Movement

Google celebrates Sevilla de Alvero’s 142nd birthday with a doodle on its homepage

LOOK: This edible packaging dissolves and becomes noodle seasoning

UK-based product design student Holly Grounds developed this sheet made from an edible, tasteless starch-based bioplastic that dissolves in contact with boiling water

typhoon natural disasters
Let’s stop calling recent disasters ‘natural’ because they’re not

The disasters hitting us may originally be forces of nature, but we had a role in making them even more catastrophic

Despite warnings from experts, NCR mayors recommend shift to MGCQ

The less restrictive quarantine will bring about more infections, research groups warned

A P1 million fine and up to 12 years in prison await tourists who fake COVID-19 test results under this new bill

Under current laws, violators are subjected to fines of up to P50,000, imprisonment of one to six months, or both

Is it time to reopen cinemas? Metro Manila mayors disagree

Closed ventilation and the lack of social distancing measures in cinemas have remained a concern

An unexpected COVID-19 side effect: More teenage pregnancies

Aside from the lockdown barring access to family planning services, it has also led to an increase in sexual and gender-based violence

Just like flu shots, we may need to get the COVID-19 vaccine every year —DOH

Health Undersecretary Maria Rosario Vergeire agreed with Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky, who likened the coronavirus vaccine to seasonal flu shots

Observe Ash Wednesday at home with these blessed ashes packets from this church

A packet of blessed ashes is enough for a family of five to sprinkle on their heads instead of attending Ash Wednesday Mass