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Let’s stop calling recent disasters ‘natural’ because they’re not

The disasters hitting us may originally be forces of nature, but we had a role in making them even more catastrophic

Our country is the fourth in the world most affected by extreme weather events, according to this report

Our country has also recorded the most number of extreme weather events—317 over a 20-year period

Year in review: Environment stories that made us rethink humans’ relationship with nature

In 2020, everything that happened is connected to our continuous neglect of the environment. Will we do better next year?

nolisoli sustainable gift guide
Nolisoli gift guide: Sustainable ways to show your love this Christmas

The custom of giving and receiving material things for Christmas is often associated with expressing…

Why not adopt mangroves and corals as a Christmas gift for your loved ones?

Gifting material things that suit your loved ones’ interests or personalities for Christmas is nice,…

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Dear creatives, Manila’s “last lung” needs your help

Grassroots movements have been cropping up as of late. From civilian-led organizations helping with typhoon…

What does it mean to declare a climate emergency?

Next to the donation efforts roundup, the second most shared infographic in the wake of…

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Note to self: Stop getting gaslighted about climate change

There’s nothing more ironic than using the term “gaslight” when it comes to describing how…

4 youth activists who bravely demand gov’t action on climate change besides Greta Thunberg

It’s been nearly 11 months since Greta Thunberg delivered her speech at the U.N. Climate…

earth day 2020
Earth Day 2020: PH scientists, conservationists call on gov’t to prioritize nature

For the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, 200 scientists and conservationists from the Philippines have…