department of environment and natural resources

 Playing this cute game directly helps local natural conservation efforts

Loving cute games and saving the environment may be two different things, but this game brings both of them together

Masungi is under threat of becoming the relocation site of the New Bilibid Prison

According to the georeserve, the parcel of land BuCor is looking at is “geologically unbuildable” due to its limestone deposits and mountainous topography

The Masungi Georeserve invasion: What we know so far

On Sept. 18, the conservation area reported a group of over 30 allegedly armed men illegally occupying one of its protected areas

PAREX won’t affect Arroceros, heritage sites, says SMC’s Ang

“We listen to valid opinions and points but we just can’t let outright lies pass,” Ang said, pertaining to claims that the project will impact heritage sites

DENR has developed a new app to help curb wildlife trafficking

Long, long story, but back in college, a friend of a friend accidentally bought a…

Despite billion-peso budget, MMDA failed to improve garbage problem —solons, envi group

A total of P1.77 billion was used by the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) to…

How is the rest of Boracay after the closure?

You’d get an almost similar set of answers when you ask tourists. One would say… sea turtle eggs animal poaching illegal department of environment and natural resources
Former mayor brags about eating sea turtle eggs, gets probed by DENR

I talked about the sea turtle egg scandal in a recent article, but here’s a quick…

nolisoli national parks nipas law
The PH now has additional 94 national parks under a new law

President Rodrigo Duterte just signed a new law declaring 94 protected areas as national parks,…