A list of bellychon places for your putok batok prayers

The beauty of bellychon is that it immediately cuts to the chase. Less mess, no carving, and *definitely* no leftovers

burger with lechon as buns, double patties, double cheese, pickles, rice
Lechon burger with 1/2kg pork belly as buns exists in Australia

Think lechon kawali stacked with double beef patties, double cheese, pickles, and special sauce. It also comes with rice in another version!

air fryer burnt basque cheesecake
Burnt Basque cheesecake, lechon belly and other food you didn’t know you can cook in an air fryer

We knew you could make fried chicken, dumplings and French fries in an air fryer, but these dishes, too? We’re glad we found recipes

Tired of your noche buena leftovers? Try these recipes

Your days of having the same dish for a week straight are over

plant-based lechon
Up next on the plant-based food trend: Lechon

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You can finally get authentic Cebu lechon delivered, no air freight necessary

The -ber months are finally here, which by Filipino standards means the start of the…

Hold on to your leftover lechon and make this post-Noche Buena pasta dish

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Five ways to celebrate Cebu Lechon Festival

When Cebuano families have a feast, they always have lechon as a centerpiece because it’s…

This café in Alabang is also an old school arcade

Before smartphones and Netflix were a thing, we had Game Boys to play with and…

Kare-kare, lechon, and crispy pata are among this year’s world’s best dishes

While Filipinos are mostly adamant about foreigners commenting on our food, a little recognition here…