philippine mythology

This upcoming book features the lesser known creatures of PH mythology

“Mythica Obscura” is a compendium of creatures and gods in Philippine mythology who would otherwise be left in the shadows

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Ballet Philippines latest production “Diyosa” is a five-act ballet that juxtaposes a modern, imagined universe with the gods of old

lagim card game
This PH folklore-themed card game lets you experience ‘gabi ng lagim’

Lagim is a collectible card game that lets you use strategy and luck to battle various creatures from Philippine mythology

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British writer Neil Gaiman put it best when he said Philippine mythology should be left… culture pinay zodiac aries ynaguinid
This series matches Filipina goddesses with western zodiac signs for the modern diaspora

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Encyclopedia of Philippine Folk Beliefs and Customs Volumes 1 & 2
A 1991 encyclopedia on aswang, engkanto and more just got a reprint

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