How to survive election season in one piece

We all have different political beliefs. Some of us just happen to be bound by blood or bond to people on different areas of the spectrum

More than politicians, we need public servants in office

Politicians in the Philippine political arena are a dime a dozen. Who we need to elect are public servants

illustration of voters in a polling precinct
Timely election reminder: Stop blaming ‘bobotantes.’ Experts explain why in this webinar

Wait, do “bobotantes” or the so-called “uneducated” and “irrational” voters really exist? A UP webinar answers this and other questions surrounding people’s right to vote

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on the podium delivering a speech
RECAP: What Duterte said in his last 5 SONAs

As the president delivers his last SONA, we look back at the last five addresses he’s done and the things he said—on- and off-script

These 4 signs tell you that it’s almost campaign season

Four tried and true strategies politicians use to court our votes—which we should watch out for

What does the future hold for our country? These tarot cards might have the answer

Iya Regalario’s take on the Rider-Waite tarot deck tackles inequality in the justice system and police brutality

Duque Vaccine inquirer header nolisoliph
DOH’s Duque denies “dropping the ball” on the Pfizer deal

On Dec. 15, Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro “Teddyboy” Locsin tweeted how someone committed a huge…

Stop Calling Politicians Stupid Header nolisoliph
OPINION: We need to stop calling politicians “stupid”

As a Filipino, there’s nothing more frustrating than watching events unfold in our political arena.…

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Here’s how you can talk to your kids about politics

The current political climate is turbulent, to say the least. There’s a lot of finger-pointing…

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Error: SALN access not found. Duterte’s wealth since 2018 is still a secret to the public

Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism discloses the SALN of presidents from 1989 to 2017—the last year that President Duterte’s SALN was publicly accessible