Aug 11, 2017

Every biker in Manila knows the plight of the daily commute. Honestly, I’d rather bike all the way to Laguna on a good day than brave everyday traffic to Makati just to get to work. That’s only because snaking through the bumper-to-bumper traffic only means more frustration. And even on a bike, you’re still caught in traffic because there are some days that drivers simultaneously feel the need to be assholes.

And even with the requirement of bike lanes per city, these normally come out as a joke. A painted sidewalk isn’t a bike lane, but the local government will do so just to say it has complied with the ordinance. And bike lanes don’t necessarily safeguard the biker either. Just last year, a garbage truck backed up on a female biker on a bike lane in Marikina which its local government promotes as a bike-friendly city.

Making rounds online are these pathetic excuses for bike lanes that the local government of Quezon City (QC) situated along Tomas Morato. Concerned citizen and co-owner of Circle Hostel, Ziggie Gonzales, posted these photos of the supposed bike lanes which received a lot of flak on social media.

Know any other places that have these? What do you think of QC’s installation of these bike lanes?

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