Sep 12, 2017

The House of Representatives (HOR) held their budget plenary debates earlier today. The result was a dramatic cutting of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR)’s 2018 budget from P649.484 million down to a measly P1,000.

One freaking thousand.

As usual, netizens took to Twitter to air their grievances.

Just to put things into perspective (in case it isn’t obvious enough), here are some pretty everyday things that cost just as much, if not more than, HOR’s approved budget for the human rights agency.

1. Foundation from Happy Skin

The Don’t Get Mad Get Even Powder Foundation in particular costs P1,399.

2. A meal at Toyo Eatery

The three-course set menu at modern Filipino eatery Toyo gives you a choice of a vegetable dish, a rice and meat dish, and dessert.

3. Powdered milk for kids

Photo courtesy of

The prices vary per brand, but generally cans of these sell for around P1,000 or more. I can only imagine how tough budgeting is for moms with babies.

4. Flyweight session

A session at Flyweight costs P1,000. Alternatively, a one-month membership at Gold’s Gym costs a little more than four times CHR’s approved budget.

5. MAC lipstick

You can get this beauty for P1,000. If only sexy red lips could convince the HOR to retract their decision.

6. Costa Brava cakes

Although the prices of these cakes vary according to the size, some can go for around a thousand bucks. One cake shared with friends and family over a party = One year’s work for human rights. Kinda makes me feel guilty eating a slice.

7. A night at Hotel Sogo

Photo courtesy of Hotel Sogo.

In case you’re stranded with all the flooding today.

8. Culottes or gaucho pants from Uniqlo

Comfy, loose pants. Depending on what you pair it with, you can wear it to work, or for a casual day out. Unfortunately the CHR doesn’t have the luxury of options, nor do they have a loose pocket. (These nice pants cost P1,490 by the way.)

9. Monstera plant

nolisoli make space monstera

A plant costs more than an entire commission’s budget. Can you imagine? A single plant. This monstera deliciosa from Tierra Plants costs P1,500.

10. Half a month’s taxes

119 representatives voted in favor of cutting CHR’s budget to P1,000—this costs even less than the taxes I pay every month. And where does my hard-earned money go? To these fools? God, send help.


Header images courtesy of Philippine Daily Inquirer.

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