Sep 13, 2017

When we take dogs (or any animal at that) as pets, we add a new member to the family. As cliché as it is, dogs become our greatest best friends. And when they get sick or sad, we are also instantly filled with sorrow. But a responsible dog parent will do everything to alleviate their pet’s pain. This is what 22-year-old production designer Kayla Teodoro struggles with right now.

Teodoro is a parent to nine-year-old Miniature Schnauzer named Shnuma. According to Teodoro, Shnuma is a happy and friendly dog who saw her through grade school until college. Recently, Shnuma was diagnosed with a kidney disorder and she needs surgery to cure the disease.

A portrait of Shnuma. Photo courtesy of Kayla Teodoro’s Facebook page

Miniature Schnauzers are known to be amicable dogs that can live up to 15 years, but they are also prone to a lot of diseases. Aside from kidney disorders, this breed is at risk of hereditary eye problems, urinary stones, pancreatitis, hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, heart disease, liver disorders, and more.

To raise funds for Shnuma’s surgery and medical bills, Teodoro started to illustrate a portrait of your pet for P600 or two for P1,000.

Photo courtesy of Kayla Teodoro’s Facebook page

Here are some of the portraits Teodoro made:

If you want to have a portrait of your dog and help Shnuma, you can contact Kayla Teodora here.

Header image courtesy of Kayla Teodoro’s Twitter

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