Dec 18, 2017

As the family gets together this holiday, the sight of parents, aunts, and uncles gathering to drink and be merry is part of tradition. Heat things up this year by setting aside the Hennessy and opting for liquid courage with a Filipino twist. There’s nothing better to channel the spirit of Christmas than with a bottle of local liquor. What else is there other than gin and Pale Pilsen? Surprisingly, a whole lot more. Explore your options.

Bugnay Wine 

Bugnay wine is fermented from the berries of the bugnay tree which is grown up in Northern Luzon. The berry, which looks like a coffee berry, has a sweet, tart flavor, and it turns a dark, rich violet color after being fermented for six months. It’s best served chilled.
Where to buy: Order through Adams’ Bugnay Wine Facebook page 

Tapuy Rice Wine 

This drink originating from Benguet and the Mountain Province is fermented from rice. Locals of the provinces would serve a bottle of this for special occasions like weddings, rice harvesting ceremonies, festivals, and more.
Where to buy: ECHOstore Sustainable Lifestyle, GF Serendra Piazza, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig


Yes, we have our own version of vodka and it’s made from the fruit of life, the coconut. One shot of this incredibly potent drink has a smooth drag down your throat and heats up your insides all nice and snug.
Where to buy: Order through Capistrano Lambanog Facebook page


Also known as palm wine, Tuba is made from extracting the sap of an unopened coconut bud. The result is a bittersweet drink that’s just the right side of too strong.
Where to buy: Paul’s Bahalina Tuba, Real Street, Tacloban City, Leyte


This drink local to Ilocos is made through extracting the juice from crushed sugarcane. The juice is boiled in iron vats for one hour then left in earthen jars to ferment for three months. If left to ferment longer, the juice would turn to vinegar.

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