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Black moon replaces full moon this February

Black moon replaces full moon this February

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We witnessed a spectacle last month. January rewarded us with a super blue blood moon, which gave the dark skies a hint of crimson and gave us something to stop us from staring at our smartphones (even for just three seconds; our followers need to know we didn’t miss out on this marvel).

Now, this month gives us another celestial phenomenon: a black moon.

Black moon is defined as the following, according to Time And Date.

  • Second new moon in the same month
  • Third new moon in a season of four new moons
  • No new moon in February
  • No full moon in February

In our case, it’s the last bullet. “About once every 20 years, February does not have a full moon. Instead, there are two full moons in Jan. and Mar. The next black moon by this definition will occur in 2018, while the last one was in 1999,” explained Time And Date. However, “because of time zone differences, these black moons may not happen all over the world.”


So, what does a month without a full moon mean from an astrological point of view?

“Full moons bring completion, so a month without one is more about new beginnings than anything actually wrapping up. It’s a delicious time of potential, so let yourself dream about what’s possible,” says astrologer Amelia Quint to Hello Giggles.

Guess it’s another good time to assess your New Year’s resolutions and re-align and fine-tune them with your long-term personal goals. And of course, don’t forget to set measurable actions to these visions.


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