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Get inspired by these bullet journal YouTube channels

Get inspired by these bullet journal YouTube channels

Another month is ending and you may be thinking: I haven’t been keeping up my new year’s resolutions. Fret not. Starting a bullet journal is one way of getting your life back on track without putting too much pressure on yourself.

Maybe you’re running out of inspiration to start, or maybe you’re just not motivated enough. Maybe these bullet journal YouTube channels might help you through that rut.

Bullet Journal

If you have no idea what a bullet journal is, start here. If you’re overwhelmed by the colors and artistic vibes on Instagram, go back to the basics. This is the video that started it all. It doesn’t get any simpler than this.

Boho Berry

Kara of Boho Berry is one of the most popular bullet journal personalities in the online community. She’s part of the team that sets up the monthly Plan With Me and Rock Your Handwriting challenges. Her Level 10 Life project is something you want to try, too.


Brian Qian is the kind of student we all wish we were. He’s artistic and informative. He’s got loads of tips on surviving school, for those of you still studying. The little doodles and decorations he puts as accents in his journal are also so easy to emulate.

Jordan Clark

Jordan’s YouTube channel plays like a Pinterest dream. She often posts drawing tutorials and calming DIYs. If you’re feeling burnt out and you need some magic in your life, hers is your next go to channel. Also her journaling videos are all shorter than 10 minutes.


Every time Amanda makes a video, it’s like talking to a friend. She’s also very responsive to her viewers and followers whenever they have questions. Each month in her journal comes with a different theme and color, so it’s exciting to see what she has next.

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