Feb 20, 2018

Who doesn’t love watching food videos in their pajamas while eating instant noodles? Just kidding. Get out of that rut, head to the kitchen, and let these video guides inspire you to cook something other than eggs.

Cooking With Dog

This Japanese cooking series took the web by storm. Its hosts are an unnamed Japanese woman and her canine companion, Francis, who narrates the show. Though we lost Francis in 2016, we will remember him forever for filling our hearts with love.

Binging With Babish

If his soothing voice doesn’t get you hooked, maybe his popular film-inspired recipes will. This channel is proof that motion picture food porn isn’t always as good as it looks, though. He usually redoes and upgrades the recipes.

Peaceful Cuisine

This is probably the most relaxing recipe channel you’ll ever watch. The aesthetic is stunning as it is, unsurprisingly, Japanese-run. You’ll want to put your earphones on for this. Plus, the recipes are vegan.


Craving Korean? This channel has pretty much every recipe you can think of. Plus, Maangchi is the cutest lady you will ever watch. Her recipe rivals, if not bests, Bon Chon’s chicken.

Judy Ann’s Kitchen

Judy Ann Santos kicked off her cooking channel last year with a Pinoy take on Vietnamese banh mi. The recipes are easy to follow, and you don’t have to worry about exact measurements either. It’s like cooking with your favorite tita, but virtual.

Gordon Ramsay

No yelling or idiot sandwiches here. Gordon Ramsay’s recipes aren’t as intense as his personality. The closeup shots will have your mouth watering for sure. He’s also super adorable when cooking with his kids.


Shameless plug! We’re also on YouTube and we’ve got some great recipes from Manila and beyond. For starters, check out how Josh Boutwood of The Test Kitchen sears a mean steak.

Cooking in Office

Bonus round, for the laughs. Our team still has yet to try this in our own HQ. Not likely any time soon.

Header photos courtesy of Cooking With Dog

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