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Cook these Japanese dishes quick and easy with an air fryer

Cook these Japanese dishes quick and easy with an air fryer

  • Yes, you’ll still get the same crunch and flavor for your karaage and yaki onigiri
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When it comes to Japanese food, simplicity is key. It’s pretty evident with the cuisine’s large selection of dishes that only require a few choice ingredients. Some of the food is even served raw, like sashimi. If you need a simple and easy meal to cook during a busy or lazy day, Japanese food is definitely a good choice. And one way to make cooking these dishes even quicker and more convenient? Using an air fryer.

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Whether you are looking for a quick and easy lunch recipe or you simply want to sate your midnight cravings, here are some Japanese dishes you can cook with an air fryer.


Chicken karaage is typically deep-fried in oil to achieve its super crispy texture. But if you want to reduce the oil intake in your diet, you can choose to air fry this bento box favorite instead. Just marinate the meat, lightly coat it with flour or starch (potato or corn), and air fry it with light oil.


Level up your katsudon game by serving it not as part of a rice meal, but as katsudon sando! Bread and marinate the pork or chicken cutlet like usual, then cook it in your air fryer for a few minutes. Don’t worry, you’ll still achieve the same golden, crispy skin and tender, juicy meat even without deep-frying the cutlets. Once done, coat the katsudon with sauce and make a sandwich with toasted bread and shredded cabbages. Cut the sando in half and enjoy your meal!

Sushi rolls

Add crunch to your usual sushi rolls by rolling it in breadcrumbs, spraying it with light oil, and air frying it for at least five minutes! 


While you won’t get the usual char from its original grilled version, air-fried chicken yakitori helps you save effort from cooking in open fire. To make it keto-friendly, this recipe teaches you a low-carb version of tare, the umami sauce that gives yakitori its mouthwatering glaze.

Yaki onigiri

Instead of pan grilling, why not try making these Japanese rice balls using your air fryer? This simple recipe only requires the following ingredients: miso paste, sugar, soy sauce, water, rice, butter, and sesame seeds. You can also opt to sprinkle furikake (Japanese rice seasoning) for a more umami-packed taste. © 2020. Hinge Inquirer Publications, Inc.


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