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Finding a sanctuary for your family within the city is definitely possible

Finding a sanctuary for your family within the city is definitely possible

When you think about a family, it often comes with the image of house with a garden—the traditional setup, which has somehow also become a standard. But with business districts getting bigger, is it still possible to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing home life?

The answer is yes. The rosy dreamscape of a home tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city is actually still within reach. And unsurprisingly, it’s in the suburban South.

Resort-like, but only a short walk away from home. Residents from East Bay Residences can enjoy 822 sqm pools complete with a lap pool, main pool, and kiddie pool.

Condos are often situated in strategic areas. They’re at the heart of business districts, right beside major transportation hubs, and some even house their own retail centers. Alternatively, condos could also provide a respite from the urban, while still providing complete amenities within this city sanctuary as well. Conveniently located by the East Service Road, East Bay Residences can take you away from the busy scenery of the business districts while enjoying urban living cloaked in nature.

Similarly, it’s having amenities important to your daily life that makes condo living more ideal. Now you just have to go down a couple floors to use the gym, lap pool, or jogging lane for your morning exercise. A short walk to the Central Amenity and you’ll get to the spacious function room or the multifunctional clubhouse. Restaurants are available in the upcoming retail row if you don’t feel like cooking. Plus, if you only need to walk to get to where you need to be, you’re not only helping the environment (less carbon emissions, you know?) you’re helping yourself be healthier, too.

East Bay Residences has their own retail row with restaurants, shops, and a supermarket. You don’t have to travel far to get what you need.

There’s a certain kind of peace you get only when you feel secure and safe where you are. Living in a community that has utmost priority for security and harmonious living helps guarantee that. Experience 24/7 security, and have dedicated Property Management and Estate personnel to oversee the community’s areas, ensuring every night’s sleep is a relaxing one. Knowing that there’s nothing to worry about wherever you and your family are also allows for a more positive life and mindset.

One of the best things about condo living is the sense of community. After all, you see these people so often and so close by, so forming close relationships with them is only natural. Trips to the supermarket could double as catch-up sessions with your neighbors, while your kids’ playtime at the kiddie pool or around the community’s wide open spaces can also be opportunities for them to bond. With Rockwell Primaries transforming the South, East Bay Residences creates a tight knit community that provides residents with lush greenery and a dynamic retail row, perfect for creating memories and connections with the people who matter.

The misconception about condos is that it’s always a small space. East Bay Residences offers a junior two-bedroom space and a bigger three bedroom space that both come with balconies.

For any growing family, it’s important to consider the kind of space each member of the family will move in. With complete amenity offerings nearly a hectare in size, larger than usual spaces ranging from junior two-bedrooms to garden bi-level suites, and the 60% open space around the 6.5 hectare property, East Bay Residences ensures that residents experience what it’s like to come home to a sanctuary in the serene South tucked away from the busy streets of Manila.

For more information on how East Bay Residences is transforming the South, visit their website or call 0917-EAST-010.


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