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How to level up your IG feed according to fast-food chains

How to level up your IG feed according to fast-food chains

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When it comes to food photography, fast-food isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind. But a little technique and creativity can go a long way. Just take it from these local fast food chains. We browsed through their Instagram accounts and found ourselves craving for burgers and fries for lunch (and for our next Instagram post).

Use natural lighting
It’s as easy as finding a table by the window on a sunny day. Morning light works best because it’s more subdued; you want the light to be somewhat diffused for a softer look. Afternoon light is quite harsh and may result unwanted shadows and too much contrast.


Get up close or zoom in

Nothing says #foodporn quite like a close up shot of a burger, am I right? Zooming in works particularly well on foods with layers and textures; you can almost get a feel of how flaky or crunchy or moist something is.


Use a clean background
No one wants to see a perfectly good dish juxtaposed against a noisy background. Not only does it detract attention from the food, it’s not pleasing to the eye, either. Don’t just hold your food up in the middle of a busy place—experiment. Try taking photos from different angles or moving around.


Play with color
Food is generally colorful, so use that to your advantage—but don’t overdo it. Ideally, your food should stand out the most, so choose backgrounds and props with colors that complement the food, rather than clash with it.


Style it

You don’t need to be a professional stylist to make your food look good, you just have to put in a little effort. Get rid of the random menus and napkins on the table (unless they’re visually appealing). And if you notice a fry that’s gone awry or find out your burger is lopsided, put it in its place and fix it.


Have some fun

Your mom may have warned you never to play with your food, but when it comes to getting that IG-worthy shot, it’s alright to have a little fun. Stack your food up high or arrange it in a line—just make sure that none of it goes to waste.


Featured image courtesy of Jollibee on Instagram

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