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Krispy Kreme weekend promo 299 donuts header nolisoliph
Cheaper by the (assorted) dozen: Krispy Kreme’s donuts are P299 a dozen this weekend

You can expect flavors like chocolate iced custard, glazed vanilla cake and strawberry iced sprinkles in your mixed dozen donuts

LOOK: Burger King Indonesia has pink burgers inspired by Japan’s sakura blossoms

The burgers, which come with beef and chicken patties, also have a Japanese-inspired sweet-tangy yakiniku sauce

If you loved Burger King’s meat-less Whopper, here are other plant-based burgers to try

ICYMI: November is Vegan Month. Yes, that might explain why fast food restaurants like Burger…

McDonalds Sundae Blends BN header nolisoliph
McDonald’s classic sundaes now come in pints

If you’re a McDonald’s sundae lover, the fast-food giant has a special treat for you.…

PSA: In-N-Out burgers are available in Manila today

This is not a drill: You don’t need to fly to California to get a…

nolisoli fixture health and wellness pregnancy conception fertility infertility diet fruits vegetables junk fast food
New study finds eating more of this could help women conceive

There are several factors that can affect the possibility of conception. These include stress levels,…

nolisoli photography tips fast food
How to level up your IG feed according to fast-food chains

When it comes to food photography, fast-food isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to…

nolisoli fast food
This is what happens to your body when you eat fast food daily

Fast food is undeniably convenient. It’s almost everywhere and easy to get (thanks to delivery…

These fast food items are below 350 calories—you’re welcome

We’re all guilty of craving for fast food more times than what is necessary. No…

nolisoli eats restaurant falafel yo
Falafel Yo’s your new Israeli street food source

This is how you introduce a new cuisine to the neighborhood: simple and straightforward. Although…