Apr 24, 2018

You’ve heard of flight delays and cancellations. You’ve heard of passengers getting dragged off overbooked flights. You’ve heard of lost luggage and bad in-flight food. Now, get ready to add another one to your list of airline complaints as Italian seat manufacturer Avoninteriors presents The SkyRider 2.0.

Unveiled during the last Aircraft Interiors Expo 2018 in Hamburg, Stuff.Co reports that The SkyRider 2.0 “boasts squeezing in 20 percent more passengers, making flights cheaper and more environmentally friendly.” This new seat design will have passenger bottoms cradled on small ledged seats, secured by a seatbelt that goes up your crotch area, and plenty of space to let your legs to dangle.

If you think that this design looks pretty tight or narrow, you’re not wrong. With The SkyRider 2.0, legroom will no longer be your problem. Instead, you’ll be wishing for, um, room for your buttocks (should your behind be blessed).

Needless to say, no one is happy with the prospect of these seats taking up our flights. Except for airline owners of course, who would probably be booking first class anyway.

Would you book a flight with seats like these?

Photos courtesy of Stuff.co.nz


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