May 18, 2018

At its annual developer conference earlier this week, Google unveiled a new feature for Gmail called Smart Compose. It’s a feature that suggests complete sentences for the body of an e-mail you’re writing.

It operates in the background just like text prediction. Hit tab to select the phrase or sentence that popped up, if you liked it, then the text will auto-populate.

It basically writes your e-mail, helps you save time and helps you reduce the chance of you sending off a message with grammar or spelling errors.


nolisoli gmail smart compose


Living up to its name, Smart Compose also perceives context. It suggests closing out your message with “Have a great weekend!” if you’re writing your e-mail on a Friday. You wouldn’t forget your manners anymore!

To enable this feature, make sure you’re using the new Gmail (it’s not default for everyone yet, so click “Try the new Gmail” after clicking the gear icon in the top right corner). In the gear icon menu, click Settings. There’s a checkbox next to “Enable experimental access.” Check it and save the changes.


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