May 23, 2018

We each have our own process of unwinding after a long day. For some, it might be turning on the TV and tuning in to their latest Netflix binge-watch series, while for others, it might mean unfurling on the sofa with a hot drink and a book. (And if you’re feeling particularly luxurious, a long, hot bath.) There are, however, ways to make these rituals even more of treat.

Something as simple as lighting a candle can really elevate the ambience. A warm, flickering light and pleasant fragrance can make all the difference between a post-work routine and a relaxing nighttime ritual.

Just as each of us has a preferred way of relaxing, we each have our own olfactory preferences as well. Sweet, floral, musky, woody—any combination of scents can create a unique fragrance that invokes a mood. As much as it would be nice to create our own unique blend, we may not have the time or resources for it. There are, however, a number of candlemakers locally whose unique wax creations might be to your liking.


Aglow Candle Studio

Aglow Studio’s Hanami candle was inspired by the Japanese tradition of flower viewing during the spring. It has notes of cherry blossoms and sandalwood, with hints of fresh citrus. Their other fragrances include floral scents like Magnolia Bloom and Sunflower, as well as more mature blends like Lavender Sage and Lavender Oak Moss.


Psyche Candles

The Coming Home candle was inspired by “long nights spend laying on the sand.” It has a combination of patchouli, wild orange, and peppermint notes. Its musky and woody scent also has a hint of mint. Psyche Candles’ products are hand-poured and use eco-friendly ingredients. The candles come in 10 oz. containers and cost P449 each.


Fragrant Home Candles

These hand-poured candles are made with soy and come in 2, 4, and 6 oz. tin containers that sell for P185, P350, and P435 respectively, while their candles in glass containers cost P475. Those who enjoy sweet scents will have a hard time choosing from their range of dessert-inspired fragrances like: Pina Colada, Milk & Honeybees, Cafe Mocha, Cherry Buttercream, and Sweet Melon Juice.


Saan Saan

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When it comes to invoking feelings or memories, our sense of smell can be a pretty powerful tool. Saan Saan’s candles are a testament of that, as you can tell from their selection of candles. Some scents encompass more general moments like Campfire or Kung Tag Araw, while others, such as Patchouli at the Temple and Baker Street of Poblacion, seem to capture a very specific memory. Their candles come in amber jars and sell for P500 to P600 each.


Main images from @saansaanph and @aglowph on Instagram.

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