There is something for everyone at this 24-hr food hall

Eden Food Hall satisfies nearly every craving you have, even late at night


When going out to grab a bite with your friends, ever find it difficult to find a common place where everyone can get something that they like? BGC’s latest 24/6 food destination, Eden Food Hall, has just the answer to your dilemma.

With its wide variety of food selections and cuisines that hail from Asia to the Americas, there is no doubt everyone’s food cravings will indeed be satisfied. Co-owners Denise Chua and Lufei Lim Chua, scouted the metro for the food stalls that best fit their food hall.

Their theme was biblically inspired by the book of Genesis, as co-owner Denise Chua explains, “The Garden of Eden was given by God, which gives food to everyone. And here, we wanted to do the same”. For those who work in the area, Eden Food Hall’s calm earthy aesthetic definitely serves as a breath of fresh air from the grey hues of the buildings and busy streets of BGC.

For something truly Asian

Bakmi Goreng

For Japanese food lovers, make your way over to JD’s Takoyaki where you can have a taste of their takoyaki balls, a Japanese snack made of a wheat flour-based batter cooked in a molded pan. It is filled with minced squid and topped with a special creamy sauce and bonito flakes.

For more Japanese flavor, head to Suki-Gyouza, which serves fried Japanese dumplings. These crescent-shaped snacks give customers the best of both worlds of crunchy and chewy, having one side slightly toasted. They are packed with flavorsome pork and vegetable filling that goes really well with a splash of soy sauce.

Pad Thai

Other Asian flavors are present in the food hall as well. Chang Thai serves the traditional Pad Thai from Thailand, while Bakmi Nyonya offers Indonesian stir-fried noodles topped with vegetables and shrimp, called Bakmi Goreng. Rafiki’s Shawarma gives us a choice of chicken, pork, or beef filling for their classic shawarma wraps and bowls.

For someone who loves local

Lugaw with tokwa’t baboy

Classic Pinoy lugaw can also be found in Eden Food Hall. Bulacan Lugaw Kitchen can give you a homey feel during a stressful and busy workday. Aside from their main dishes like lugaw and tokwa’t baboy, they also serve crispy pata, every Filipino’s guilty pleasure.

Crispy pata

For the Western-savvy

New Yorker and Garlic Parmesan wings

Pepa Wings takes us across the Pacific with their New Yorker and Garlic Parmesan flavored chicken wings, which goes fittingly with some french fries. Other flavors such as Hickory BBQ, Cheesy Bacon, and Wild Spiced are also available.

For the sweet tooth

Belgian chocolate waffle topped with Royal Milk Tea ice cream, and milk tea ice cream with pearls

Eden Food Hall is then complete with The Dessert Table, where milk tea meets soft serve ice cream made with brewed tea leaves. Their Thai milk tea ice cream with pearls is very reminiscent of the classic milk tea flavors, only this time with the texture of ice cream. The Thai milk tea ice cream on top of a chocolate Belgian waffle with caramel could also be one of your go-to desserts.

Other stalls that can be found in Eden Food Hall are Go Salads, Chicago’s and Gastro Grub.

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