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LOOK: The effects of typhoon Karding and habagat

LOOK: The effects of typhoon Karding and habagat


The recent tropical storm Karding brought in around 150 to 170 mm. of rain in just five hours and has left parts of Metro Manila flooded.

The common thread among the storm-stricken scenes? Lots of trash. This is definitely a wake-up call, people.

DPWH workers sweeping trash along Manila Bay. Photo courtesy of Inquirer.
Photo courtesy of Inquirer

A small ray of hope in the midst of the dreariness of all this rain: a local government unit whose evacuation provisions for its citizens thankfully lacks the tacky faces and names usually plastered all over government services.

Marikina City, which bears the brunt of the floods, has shown more than just resilience this time around—the modular tents in the evacuation sites are a little bit proof that at least some people in the government have learned from the 2009 disaster.


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