Aug 20, 2018

Flight schedules to and from Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) were thrown completely off thanks to a Xiamen Airlines plane skidding off the runway while landing. The incident left the airport runway blocked, disrupting most flight international and domestic flights.

It took around 36 hours before Xiamen Airlines’ plane was cleared off the runway, but the end of problems for NAIA was far from getting cleared, as evidenced by the deluge of posts on social media.

News outlets have also reported that there are still many passengers, especially overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who are still encountering problems flying out of Manila and back to their country of employment.

Wake-up call

Many government officials and passengers are also calling the incident a wake-up call for the agencies involved.

China commentary

Passenger’s rights

NAIA/MIAA shared a post on Facebook last Sunday what travelers need to know and what instances they can collect compensation.

Being kind

Others chose to go the more compassionate route, calling out locals for bad behavior, and commending the frontline responders to the airport fiasco.

Pinoy wit

Others, still, were able to showcase their wit in the midst of the tension, uncertainty, and waiting.

There will be a senate investigation into the incident, while other government agencies and offices are also looking into solutions, such as airport renovation, expansion, and even relocation.


Header image courtesy of Marianne Bermudez/Inquirer.

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