Sep 12, 2018

Okay, so you hate gin.

Aside from it being known as “tatay’s drink,” perhaps one of the reasons behind your aversion to this widely popular liquor is that you’ve had one memorable, traumatic experience with it. Or perhaps you haven’t explored its full potential yet? Or maybe that one sip you had was from a bad bottle or worse, a bad brand?

nolisoli the bar gin
The aromatics you can add to your gin and tonic concoction to enhance the flavor.

Gin, an aromatic nectar made from juniper berries, is one of the most versatile spirits there is. You can put some orange peel in it, chamomile, jalapeño, what-have-you. And these variations come in different colors and flavor profiles which can be hard to resist and not to mention, hate.

nolisoli the bar gin
The new gin line of The BaR: Premium Dry Gin, Pink Gin, and Green Gin

In fact, there’s a new line of chill drinks which might just do the job for you: The BaR Premium Gin from Emperador Distillers. Infused with imported botanicals from Spain, it comes in three variants: berry-flavored Pink Gin; zesty, lime-rich Green Gin; and Clear Premium Dry Gin steeped with various botanicals. You can mix them with tonic water or lime soda, or prepare it on the rocks.

nolisoli the bar gin

To make it easier to enjoy, The BaR Premium Gin line is handily available in convenience stores (7-Eleven) and online ( now.


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