mezcal cocktail and roasted shishito peppers
A mezcal cocktail that honors Filipinos’ hand in the history of Mexico’s spirits

Joey Osmeña of Bombvinos makes a dirty margarita using mezcal, an ode to the agave liquor’s untold Filipino story. Plus, a no-recipe recipe for roasted shishito peppers

nolisoli eats agimat at ugat-12
The legend of Agimat continues with its latest concept ‘Ugat’

It’s been a tough time for Poblacion, but Agimat at Ugat is out to prove that new concepts—like budding sprouts—can take root and flourish

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Nolisoli gift guide: Cheers to all the drinks that helped us survive this *nightmare* of a year

For most of us, Christmas is a time to celebrate and look back on the…

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Cigarettes and liquor might not be available in online stores soon

We might have to say goodbye to cigarettes and liquor being sold online soon—because the…

3 tea-infused cocktails to get you through the week

I had been chatting with friends recently, and we came up with an inside joke…

nolisoli gin
Hate gin? These new liquors will make you think twice

Okay, so you hate gin. Aside from it being known as “tatay’s drink,” perhaps one…

If your favorite author was a drink, this is what he’d be

Drinking and Dreaming Orange juice with vodka was Truman Capote’s favorite drink. “My orange drink,”…

The real name of sake isn’t actually sake

Japan’s cuisine has always been an arresting aspect of its rich culture. The meticulously prepared…

A Cinderella-ish makeover for your cheap vodka

Being a liquor connoisseur on a budget usually means having to settle for cheap-ass liquor…

nolisoli eats food trends fruits liquor
Instead of lemons or oranges, add these fruits into your cocktails

Katmon A fruit endemic to the Philippines yet little known by locals, katmon is also…