Apr 10, 2019

If you are still not familiar with the super grain that is adlai, well here’s what you need to know. For starters, it is a local grain that is grown by indigenous peoples mostly in Bukidnon and Mindanao. It is a tear-shaped crop with an ivory color that grows basically on any type of soil and is resilient to cruel conditions. All these properties make it an excellent alternative to rice, just ask Department of Tourism secretary Berna Romulo.

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If you’re thinking, “ugh just another one of those super expensive healthy stuff sold at gentrified coops and health stores,” well, the good news is the Department of Agriculture is actually working to make it accessible locally, as well as to make its prices competitive to that of rice as of our last report.

What’s more, local restaurant chains and food franchises are slowly incorporating adlai into their menus to introduce it beyond just an alternative to rice, but a perfectly healthy grain in itself.

Saladstop’s new warm grain bowl, for example, co-stars this whole grain. And we say co-star sparingly as it is accompanied by an unlikely meat dish: beef bulgogi.

Aptly named Bold Gogi bowl (witty, right?), it has crisp red and white cabbage, roasted button mushrooms, shoyu carrots, pickled red onion, salted radish, edamame, furikake, and leeks.

saladstop bold golgi warm grain bowl

It doesn’t fall far behind Saladstop’s other warm grain bowls in terms of nutrition, too. A serving of the Bold Gogi bowl has 42.6 g of carbohydrates and 6.6 g of dietary fiber care of adlai.

But you might want to try it out quick as it is only available from Apr. 8 to May 4. Don’t worry though, almost all branches (except Ayala Tower One) has this on the menu.


Header photo courtesy of Saladstop PH

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