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A first look at the newly opened Shake Shack in BGC

A first look at the newly opened Shake Shack in BGC

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Last July, New York’s famous burger joint Shake Shack announced that it is opening its first branch in the country. A lot has happened since then—their location has been revealed (Central Square BGC), as well as a tentative date of opening come spring. And today finally, we just had our own fill of their famous ShackBurger among other best-sellers before they open their doors in Taguig.

Its first store in Manila is set to open on May 10. And in keeping up with the brand’s commitment to partner with local producers, Shake Shack has a few products exclusive in the Manila menu.

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The Shackburger is pretty much your American cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato but with a juicer patty and soft, buttery brioche buns.
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For meat-free diners, they have the ‘Shroom Burger. Crisp-fried portobello mushrooms filled with melted muenster and cheddar cheese is stuffed between buns instead of the beef patty.

Apart from its flagship products like the ShackBurger, SmokeShack, meat-free ‘Shroom Burger, Shack-cagi Dog, and classic crinkle-cut fries, Shake Shack also has a few Manila exclusives.

Three unique “concrete” aka frozen custard ice cream are blended with Filipino flavors like ube, local chocolate, and calamansi.

For the Shark Attack, a chocolate custard mixed with brownie, they tapped Bucky’s and Auro Chocolate. While for their Calamansi Pie Oh My is a vanilla custard ice cream that has calamansi pie from Wildflour Bakery.

There are also two exclusive drinks: one is a frozen custard ube shake and the other is a local twist to the classic Shack lemonade made with calamansi.

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Calamansi Pie Oh My and Uuube-by baby frozen custard concretes in collaboration with Bucky’s, Auro chocolates, and Wildflour.
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Pair your ShackBurger and crinkle-cut fries with a glass of craft beer or wine, because why not?

Local brewers Engkanto Brewery and Monkey Eagle were also tapped for craft beers available along with the Shack Red and White wine.

If you’re planning a date with your pet any time soon, here’s a piece of good news: Shake Shack Manila’s menu also has a few treats for your furry friends courtesy of Whole Pet Kitchen.

ShackBurger dog biscuits come in both its Bag-O-Bones and Poochini (ShackBurger dog biscuits with peanut butter sauce and vanilla custard) variants.

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The hotdog that started it all. Shack-cago Dog has relish, onion, cucumber, pickle, tomato, sport pepper, celery salt, and mustard.
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Calamansi Limeaide. Think lemonade but local.

“We’re thrilled to bring the NYC Shake Shack experience to the Filipino community, and are proud of the company’s mission to Stand for Something Good,” says SSI Group President Anton Huang.

Stand for Something Good is the burger joint’s initiative to only use 100% all-natural beef in their burgers and hotdogs, as well as using only real sugar (and not corn syrup) in their custards.

Shake Shack started in Madison Square in New York and now has over 200 stores all over the world.

Shake Shack Central Square in Bonifacio High Street will open on May 10, 11:00 a.m.


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