Jan 22, 2017

We recently discovered an alternative that will allow us to enjoy the chicken nugget lifestyle in a way that’s still healthy and without the adverse environmental effects. What’s more, we didn’t even feel like we were eating an “alternative” to chicken nuggets.

We’ve all seen the photos of those seemingly giant swirls of strawberry soft serve all over the internet, which eventually turned out to be pink blobs of what was allegedly a mixture of animal parts posing as meat in our chicken nuggets. An article published in the American Journal of Medicine also notes this disturbing finding, saying that around half of the content of chicken nuggets are made of the mashed up bones, cartilage, and other parts, including fat. (Although granted, it was a small scale “study,” to which the US National Chicken Council issued a response.)

UK brand Quorn produces various meat substitutes made of mycoprotein as its main ingredient. It comes from a type of fungus called Fusarium venetatum (which has been used as an alternative source of protein since the 1960s), and is made through fermentation, “similar to that used for yeast in bread.”

Unlike other vegan alternatives for protein, like soy, Quorn’s mycoprotein-based products have the same texture as meat, making it a good substitute not only in terms of nutritional value and taste, but also in looks.

Quorn currently has four products in their line of offerings: chicken nuggets, chicken bites, chicken pieces, and mince.

There are a number of people who remain unfazed by the uncertainty of what really goes into our favorite munchies—because let’s be real, chicken nuggets are so easy to cook for breakfast, the kids love the quirky shapes they come in, and if ordered at fast food restaurants, it’s a quick, fool-proof meal, especially when you’re on-the-go. But more people are now becoming discriminating with what they consume.

This mindfulness towards what goes on your plates may be motivated by personal health or a more global, environmental concern (or both). Whatever the case, it doesn’t mean forgoing the good stuff forever.

Quorn products are currently available at S&R.

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