plant creamery vegan mozzarella cheese
Cheese is it: This place has all sorts of vegan cheese for pizza and pasta enthusiasts

Vegan mozzarella, feta and cream cheese—you name it, and Go! Salads’ new brand Plant Creamery has it

vegan baking ingredients
A vegan’s guide to baking ingredient substitutes

Did you know that you can use chia seeds in lieu of egg?

vegan coconut with mango mochi mochiko
Vegan mochi now exists, thanks to Mochiko and Coco Mama

This mochi collaboration also captures the essence of Coco Mama’s signature ice cream from Boracay and La Union

Looks like even Starbucks now has plant-based lasagna and pastries

Starbucks now has lasagna, mochi buns and mince rolls made with plant-based meat and cheese

unmeat plant-based burger patties
These ready-to-cook plant-based burger patties are available for P135 online

UnMeat’s burger patties are made with soy protein instead of beef

plant-based lechon
Up next on the plant-based food trend: Lechon

A local entrepreneur may have just made our dreams come true this Christmas. After months…

If you loved Burger King’s meat-less Whopper, here are other plant-based burgers to try

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NYC’s first plant-based Filipino eatery serves sisig ‘waygu.’ It’s not what you’d expect

Think of Filipino food, and it’s nearly impossible to imagine it without meat. That’s because…

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We’ve seen quarantine food trends come and go over the past few months—but it looks…

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The pandemic has changed the eating habits of most Filipinos. We want to minimize contact…