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Your fave breakfast food, but make it vegan

Your fave breakfast food, but make it vegan

  • You can easily whip up a vegan breakfast with crumbled tofu, rice paper, and pumpkin

How do you smoothly and gradually transition into a vegan diet? Designating at least one meal per day to be vegan might be a good strategy, and what’s a better meal than breakfast to start with? After all, you need food packed with nutrition to power you up and provide you energy in the morning.

You can go for smoothie bowls right away, or take small steps like incorporating plant-based alternatives instead of animal-based ingredients in your meals. For this, you can easily get dishes delivered from restaurants—or you can try cooking the following vegan versions of your fave breakfast food. 



Oops I did it again….I played with #Vegan Teachers Heart with this #BLT 😉 #tiktokcooks #learnontiktok

♬ Vegan BLT – Gordon Ramsay

I actually came up with this list after seeing Gordon Ramsay’s vegan BLT recipe on TikTok. Instead of pork, use crumbled tofu and rice paper to make delicious crunchy strips that resemble bacon. Marinate it with spices, maple syrup, soy sauce, and melted vegan butter before baking until it’s crackly. Pair this vegan bacon with fried rice—or bread to make a sandwich, if you’re on the go—for the ultimate breakfast goodness.


Substitute buttermilk with a mixture of almond milk, apple cider vinegar, and vanilla to make your batter vegan-friendly. To make sure that your pancake is light and fluffy without milk, eggs, or butter, add a bit more baking powder to your recipe. Like in baked goods, baking powder will make your pancakes rise once mixed with liquid.

Fried egg

I’ve mentioned replacing eggs with flax and chia seeds for baking before because they bind pastry ingredients well, but what if you’re making fried eggs? Pumpkin, apparently, works as a good alternative for egg yolk. In a blender, combine it with corn flour, nutritional yeast, water, regular salt, and black pepper. Add black salt to capture the taste, and olive oil to replicate the texture and consistency of regular egg yolks. 

For the egg white, simply mix rice flour, coconut milk, water, and salt together. Pour these two mixtures into a frying pan and voila, enjoy your vegan breakfast!

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