Jun 18, 2019

While Jerrold Tarog’s Heneral Luna (2014) and Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral (2018) can now be watched on Netflix, there are still a number of biopics on our National Heroes that aren’t readily accessible by the public. This gives you no reason to resort to pirated films, though, as micro-cinemas and local film festivals are still showing these historical films from time to time.

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Shangri-La Plaza’s upcoming film festival, for example, gives sole focus to films like these. From Jun. 19 to 22, the Ortigas mall’s Red Carpet cinemas will be showing all available biopics of our national heroes.

Here are some of the films you can catch on the big screen:

Jose Rizal (1998)

There are already a number of biopics on the life of Dr. Jose Rizal, but this is the one that received much critical acclaim. Aside from bagging awards and nominations in the 1998 Metro Manila Film Festival, the 1999 FAMAS, and other local award-giving bodies, this Marilou Diaz-Abaya film also won awards in the Berlin International Film Festival and Chicago International Film Festival. The film follows the plight of Rizal when he was imprisoned in Fort Santiago.

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Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo (2014)

What happened during the first election for the presidential position? History books say Emilio Aguinaldo is the first president of the country, but this film shows otherwise. Get to know the Father of the Philippine Revolution in this 2014 film directed by Enzo Williams.

Heneral Luna (2014)

Historian Ambeth Ocampo described the film as “an engaging narrative, supported by wonderful cinematography, and grounded on sound historical research.” It truly deserves a post in any historical film festival—from the acting to every bit of information given. Tarog gave biopics a new light in this film so if you haven’t watched it, you’re definitely missing out.

Ang Hapis at Himagsik ni Hermano Puli (2016)

How well do you know Apolinario dela Cruz? How well do you know the man (or the brother) who played an important role in leading the revolt against the Spanish colonizers and died fighting for religious freedom? Let this biopic directed by Gil Portes tell you.

Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral (2018)

This Tarog-directed film doesn’t have the same energy as that of Heneral Luna, and it’s meant to be that way. As our editor Pauline Miranda said in her review, this film is “more than a movie.”

“It is a huge reality check that, while focusing on history, is eerily relevant to us today. It points out Filipino attitudes, disturbingly unchanged from Del Pilar’s day, that we cannot condone anymore if we want true change,” she wrote.

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Header image is a screenshot from the “Hermano Pule” trailer

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