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The Nolisoli gift guide for kids

The Nolisoli gift guide for kids


When we think about the holiday season, most of us look back on the Christmases we’ve had as a child, not the ones we spent as an adult, even if our childhood was a turbulent one. Exhibit A: The found family of FX’s “Pose” told each other stories about the Christmases they had as closeted kids in the show’s Christmas episode. Exhibit B: literally every other TV show with holiday specials in existence.

And an integral part of the magic of Christmas as a child is opening a present on Christmas Day and seeing what Santa (if your family believed in him) gave you. For many children, gift-giving is not only an important part of the Christmas ethos, it’s the only part. I still remember being 10 and camping out in our living room to wait for the clock to strike 12 so I could finally open my presents. 

Since the season is such an important time for children, we’ve listed down some children’s toys and accessories you can hide behind the Christmas tree (or your chosen proxy). 

Basketball arcade by Tropicale

Tropicale is a furniture and homeware brand that sells items made in Antipolo by local craftsmen with locally-sourced materials like rattan. We chose the basketball arcade because, well, the basketball arcade machine is one of the most fun things to play at an arcade and it invites kids to be active. They have other kid-friendly items too, like an airplane-shaped rocking chair and a sensory bin for toddlers. 

Tengu blocks by Chibi Momo 

Located in Century City Mall, Chibi Momo is a store that sells toys, books, and clothes for kids of all ages. You can get a wooden Tengu block to facilitate their creativity, but you can also get them other wooden toys (like their bright wooden kettles) or plushies.

Sustainable soft toys by Ten/Twenty Kids

Three cheers for sustainable gifts! Ten/Twenty Kids is a social enterprise that crafts stuff toys made out of textile waste. The made-to-order toys all have unique designs: local vegetables, bangus, and a bag of refined sugar.

Miniature rooms and houses by Lil’ Haven PH

If your kid loves dolls (or just miniatures in general), get them these intricate pieces. These house and room sets (your kid can decide if they want to have a pre-made house or collect separate rooms) are made locally by Lil’ Haven PH using premium wood. Aside from houses, they also make miniature sushi shops and cafés, among other stuff. 

Children’s books from the Center for Art, New Ventures & Sustainable Development (CANVAS)

CANVAS is a local nonprofit organization that promotes children’s literacy and children’s rights, through books that empower kids. For Christmas, they’re having a buy-one, take-one promo for all books (both soft and hardbound) like “BenCab’s Activity Book for Children” and Butch Dalisay’s “Why Words Matter.”

Iroo dog house by E. Murio Manila 

Your fur babies are also your children, so give them a gift, too. Get your doggo a rattan dog house (an indoor version has a cloth tent) by furniture shop E. Murio and designed by artist Patricia Perez Eustaquio.


Header photo courtesy of Tropicale

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