Feb 28, 2020

As a sweet tooth, I consider one of the finer things in life to be desserts. And if it’s topped with flavors that remind me of my childhood, it’s sure to be something I’ll be on the prowl for. Many dessert-loving Filipinos would share the same sentiment, and M Bakery is creating the perfect mix of locally-inspired pastries and sweets.

When M Bakery, a renowned bakery from New York, was first established in Manila, it made sure to incorporate a distinct Filipino flavor into their selection of pastries—ube, which became a hit among locals and tourists alike. Following this success, the bakery is launching even more of Filipino-inspired flavors this summer.

The calamansi cupcake, with calamansi filling and meringue icing, is priced at P165
A hefty serving of the Mango Jamboree costs P325

Two of the flavors you can expect are mango and calamansi. Just as how we use the fruits for desserts, M Bakery is making its own versions. First,  a Mango Jamboree with a pecan shortbread crust, layers of cream cheese and a whipped cream filling. Then there’s a calamansi cupcake and muffin, which reframes the fruit’s sourness into a filling before topping the pastry with meringue icing.

The Choc Nut cupcake is priced at P165 per piece

M Bakery is also utilizing a confectionery from virtually every Filipino’s childhood. Its Choc Nut cupcake is filled with a Choc Nut spread, topped with Choc Nut buttercream and sprinkled with Choc Nut chunks. Talk about a Choc Nut overload (in a good way!).

“We know that the Philippines has so many flavors to offer,” says Stewart Ong of M Bakery Philippines. “We’re constantly trying to blend this and to showcase the richness of our local ingredients.”

The new flavors are set to be released this summer.




Header photo courtesy of M Bakery

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