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Online groceries for your essentials during the lockdown

Online groceries for your essentials during the lockdown

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fikri rasyid unsplash supermarket

The government has placed Metro Manila under community quarantine starting Mar. 15, Sunday. Stringent social distancing guidelines have also been recommended to curb the risks of more people contracting COVID-19.

And with reports of people going on panic-buying sprees (please stop this, we need more people to have access to essential items) and shelves upon shelves of items getting sold out, one might wonder where else to go if one needs to replenish stocks, especially since the lockdown (and impending curfew) may last until Apr. 14.

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Here’s a list of online groceries and stores to check out:


vegetable kangkong alugbati palengke market
Photo courtesy of Inquirer

Fresh Produce

The Green Grocer

The Murang Gulay Shop

Session Groceries

Bukid Fresh

The Veggie Drop Off


inigo de la maza unsplash meat
Photo courtesy of Inigo de la Maza/Unsplash

Fresh Produce

Limon Farms — beef, pork, lamb

Pacific Bay — seafood, pork, beef, chicken

Rare Food Shop — beef, seafood

Frozen meals

Mr. Delicious (

Healthy meals

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plastic water bottles
Photo courtesy of Jonathan Chng/Unsplash


fikri rasyid unsplash supermarket
Photo courtesy of Fikri Rasyid/Unplash (covers a number of supermarkets)

Lazmart (Lazada app)

Pushkart PH


Remember: Just buy the essentials, and in the right amounts. The more we hoard, the less resources there are for people who might be needing it more than we do. Also, let’s take into consideration the safety of those who do our deliveries. Practice respect, patience and just enough social distancing at this time, too.

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