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Support frontliners and underserved communities from home through this website

Support frontliners and underserved communities from home through this website


If you’re feeling restless at home, racked with anxiety over the news and feeling helpless because of the community quarantine, here’s a solution.

Help From Home (HFH), a website that features a directory of various initiatives to support all those battling COVID-19, just launched yesterday, Mar. 25. The site has listings of different organizations, companies and groups that call for funding and donations for frontliners and underserved communities all over the country.

“While COVID-19 keeps some of us under strict home quarantine, we can still support those who can’t,” they write on the site. “Your response today will greatly affect how we deal with the disease these next few weeks.”

HFH is an initiative by a group of young professionals “who wanted to aggregate information on the various COVID-19 efforts in a comprehensive list,” the HFH Comms team said. Aside from pooling these different organizations into one resource, they are also seeking volunteers for information dissemination and organization verification. 

But it isn’t just a matter of collating all the efforts they find online. According to the HFH Comms team, their volunteers also work to ensure each initiative listed is legitimate. “We look at their history, official website and social media accountability and transparency for past projects and fundraisers to help the HFH visitors make informed decisions about their contributions,” they said.

Screengrab from the Help From Home website

Some initiatives they’ve listed include funding for personal protective equipment (PPE), food and even transportation for frontliners. Calls for funding of COVID-19 test kits and donations for food and health essentials for marginalized communities are also listed on their site.


Header image courtesy of Help From Home

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