May 22, 2020

The sweltering weather right now would have been the perfect excuse to order a Goto Monster ice pop. But because of the pandemic, that’s far from possible—except maybe if you live in Makati (with a quarantine pass).

To make the longing even worse, Goto Monster owner Jean Hill is having a very productive alone time concocting wicked new flavors that we can’t try anytime soon. But you know what? We’ll still list it down because we are masochists and these new ice pops deserve all the recognition.

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We know and love Goto Monster’s creamy ice pop flavors even when they were just modest paper cup molded popsicles. They’ve since grown up and, to use Urban Dictionary slang, have been hit by the puberty truck—they are now molded in actually industrial popsicle casts and they come in new flavors, too. We’ve never been prouder of a glow up. 

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Pineapple and sea salt

“We moved away from our comfort zone of sweet and creamy. So we are braving this unusual flavor for an ice pop but it’s surprisingly yummy!” That’s all e we needed to hear to be reassured that our beloved icy treats are doing well. That, and the fact that they too now have sea salt in them. In an alternate COVID-free universe, we will be roaming around Brgy. San Antonio sucking on this tart dessert after a lunch of goto.


“Peachy orange”

We don’t know what exactly this is but we’ll take two. Love the golden color and just the mention of orange has already got our tongues tingling, like “pangangasim” from mangga. So far, we’re loving this new era of ice pop flavors. Okay next.



Filipinos go crazy over anything watermelon. How else will you explain the popularity of a seasonal watermelon-scented shampoo that only reappears during summer? Plus points for Goto Monster for the rich monochrome red color. We just wonder how the addition of strawberry will affect the price? But you know what, we’ll still buy it. Let’s support small businesses.



Okay, they don’t want us to just have the usual sago’t gulaman, huh? We will have to taste this to know for sure but this is very merienda-friendly, very reminiscent of turon with sago as refreshment and even ginataan. 


Passion fruit

This is by far the most interesting flavor—only because Goto Monster introduced this in a very unorthodox way: with vodka. They know how to tap into our deepest desires aka alcohol. Although we’re pretty sure both the pineapple-sea salt and watermelon-strawberry would do well with sparkling wine, we’d have to give it to passion fruit because it’s a non-normie fruit flavor. Props to Goto Monster for this brave choice.


Photos courtesy of Goto Monster

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