Jul 15, 2020

We love a good bargain, discount or promo—whatever you call it. But you know what we don’t love that much? Paying for a monthly discount subscription (you know those kinds), especially now that we are tightening our budgets with the pandemic still in full effect.

We’d be lucky (and happy) right now to get even free shipping for no minimum purchase because just in case you haven’t heard: everything is online now—from groceries to paying utilities and having food delivered while we deliberate whether dining in is worth risking lives.

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Enter ZRewards by Zeal, a new website that offers freebies, discounts and deals on some of the biggest brands in retail, restaurants and services. The best deal on top of these? There’s no membership to pay for to avail these coupons.

So how does it work?

Starting today, July 15, anyone—and we mean anyone—can go to their website zeal.ph/rewards and score discounts for participating brands’ online or physical store. You just need to sign up (no payments or credit card details required) and claim away!

And just when you thought this is only good for consumers like you, Zeal discounts can actually be leveraged by business owners to entice more people to buy from them—bolstering business and sales while also giving their customers a good deal.

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Want to know which merchants are offering discounts at Zeal? To start with, we are most excited about its restaurant partners, which include Restaurant Concepts Group, Inc. who’s behind Barcino and Single Origin. Bistro Group and Bistronomia are also on board for fans of chef Josh Boutwood’s Helm and Savage and Spanish concepts Las Flores, Rambla, Tomatito and BCN by Las Flores.

For casual restaurants available for takeout and delivery, there’s Zark’s burgers, Shakey’s, Denny’s Buffalo Wild Wings, as well as dessert places like Coldstone, Tous Les Jours, Jipan and Goldilocks.

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In the practical retail end, you can score discounts for essential needs from Unilever, Minimart, The Naturale Market and appliance brand Breville.

Beauty and wellness perks are also up for grabs from Gold’s Gym, Browhaus and The Smile Bar.

Get started on these offers by signing up on zeal.ph/signup.


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