Jul 29, 2020

Black Scoop Cafe was one of my usual go-to’s for milk tea whenever I felt like I deserved a treat. That extra serving of soft-serve ice cream just made it more fitting for special occasions. So, I was already pretty satisfied with their usual menu—until they decided to drop this bomb of deliciously unique flavors—and not for milk tea, okay, but for ice cream pints.

Black Scoop Cafe's signature soft-serve ice cream is now in can. Enjoy three delicious flavors of our Pints-To-Go: 🖤…

Posted by Black Scoop Cafe on Saturday, July 25, 2020

Now, just the fact the Black Scoop Cafe was serving pints of ice cream for an affordable price of P185 was already a solid deal for me. But, check out what their new flavors actually are: halo-halo, black mascarpone with graham toppings and okinawa milk tea with boba pearls. Just hearing those names already makes my stomach rumble.

And they didn’t skimp on the ingredients for these three. The halo-halo may look like your regular ube ice cream upon first glance, but once you dig in, you’ll find actual halo-halo staple ingredients—langka, sago’t gulaman, sweetened beans and all—frozen inside. 

Posted by Black Scoop Cafe on Sunday, July 26, 2020


The Okinawa milk tea on the other hand is an immediate sight to behold. Just imagine a milk tea with boba pearls glass upside down. In the ice cream pint, the boba pearls serve as toppings with a creamy, caramel glaze. Meanwhile, the black mascarpone is a surprising mix of flavors—cheesy and sweet with a cinnamon flavor from the crushed graham crackers layered on top.

I think it’s safe to say that Black Scoop Cafe has exceeded my expectations—for that, I owe it to them (I’m kidding, it’s for myself) to order at least one ice cream pint. If you’re interested, you can order via GrabFood or Lalamove. They’re also available for pick-up at their branches.



Header photo courtesy of Black Scoop Cafe PH

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